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Swapping Homes - HomeSwapper

You can swap your home with someone else who has a home with us, or for a home with another housing association. This is called mutual exchange.

  • How to swap
  • Lots of potential swaps

How to swap your home

If you'd like to move to another affordably rented home, the easiest way is to swap with someone else. This is called a mutual exchange. The person you swap with must live in one of our homes or a home from another housing association or local council.

If you want to swap your home, you'll need our permission and permission from the other landlord, so please let us know.

Where can I find homes to swap with?

Homeswapper is the UK's biggest home swapping service, with more than 27,000 homes registered to swap and thousands of visitors every week.

You can register for free to search for homes near you or across the UK. Once you've registered your home, you'll get match alerts by email and text and lots of potential swaps every week.

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What happens when I've found a swap?

Once you've found someone to swap with, let us know.

  • There are different types of tenancies and we'll need to make sure it's right for you
  • You can't move without our permission because there's paperwork that must be signed

We'll also need to check your home; talk to the person you want to swap with and check various details with the other landlord. Once that's done, we'll let you know if the swap can go ahead.

You may not be able to swap homes if:

  • You owe us rent
  • The person you want to swap with hasn't kept to the terms of their tenancy agreement