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Types of Repairs

The repairs we carry out generally fall into one of three categories as detailed on the page below.

  • Emergency repairs
  • Priority repairs
  • Routine repairs by Arrangement
  • Cyclical Repairs
  • Programmed/Planned repair.

For more information on our repairs service please contact us.

Updated: 5 January 2024

Emergency repairs

Emergency Repairs are true emergencies, the fault MUST carry the risk of immediate injury to people or major damage to property.  

Emergency Repairs will be completed to all homes where required.

If there is a repairs emergency call us immediately on 0800 678 1894 to report the problem. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We will make safe any emergency repairs within 4 hours and will aim to complete the job within 24 hours.

ALLOWING ACCESS: You will need to remain at your property until the operative arrives to make safe (within 4 hours or reporting).

  • Escape of gas or fumes
    If you smell gas, you must also contact National Grid on 0800 111999 immediately.  In the event of a fire, call 999 immediately.

  • No heating or hot water 
  • Electrical fittings in contact with water 
  • Live or bare electric wiring 
  • Sewage overflowing into the home or internal communal areas
  • Uncontrollable leaks 
  • Failure of all lights or all power – domestic and communal
  • Continuous sounding activated communal / domestic fire / smoke alarms
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector activation – refer to Cadent on 0800 389 8000
  • Tenant locked out of the Property - please note the replacement of lost keys are rechargeable to the customer
  • Loose or dangerous bricks or roof tiles 
  • Failure of major adaptations – e.g. passenger lifts, customer stairlifts. 
  • Insecure external door & window if ground floor.
  • Gas and electrical safety check following emergency e.g. fire, flood etc.
  • Warden call systems faults

Priority repairs

Priority type repairs are not emergencies, but repairs which need to be carried out quickly to prevent further damage to the property and improve customer’s quality of life. These are repairs that do not cause immediate risk to the health and safety or security of the tenant or 3rd party and therefore not an emergency.

We aim to complete the job within 48 hours.

ALLOWING ACCESS: If you are given an appointment for a priority repair, you must arrange to be at home and allow access for the operative. You will be contacted by HMS with an appointment window.

  • Loss of water e.g. failure of cold-water drinking tap
  • Board-up broken window (glass) 
  • Broken window mechanism where window can’t be secured
  • Blocked sink or bath waste pipes - please ensure you have tried unblocking yourself before calling us
  • Faulty communal fire or smoke alarms e.g. intermittent bleeping
  • Containable / controlled leaks
  • No flush / blocked drain – if only one toilet in the property
  • Failure of kitchen or bathroom lights
  • Repairs to internal doors (for self-isolation purposes only).
  • Faulty communal aerial
  • Slips, trips and falls hazard

Routine (non-emergency) repairs by arrangement

These are repairs that can wait without causing major inconvenience.  

If a maintenance or repair job is needed in your home but doesn’t pose a risk to the property or you and your family, it is classed as a routine repair, not an emergency or priority repair.

These works can be carried out at a scheduled appointment to suit the tenant’s availability (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays).  These repairs normally require the organisation of materials to facilitate the repair. We will aim to complete all routine repairs within *20 calendar days.

Check before you report. Is the repair our responsibility or yours?

ALLOWING ACCESS: You must be home and allow access for your appointment.

  • Minor repairs to bathroom sanitary fittings and fixtures
  • Minor repairs to kitchen units
  • General repairs to boilers, fires and radiators
  • Minor plastering to walls and ceilings
  • Replacing internal doors

*Due to high demand causing a backlog of repairs, we are currently offering appointments within 40 calendar days for general repairs. Urgent/emergency repairs will be attended to as normal, as well as further consideration of vulnerable customers depending upon the nature of the repair.

This is a temporary situation, and we kindly ask that customers do not call to chase repair if an appointment has been agreed within the 40 days. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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