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Photo showing damp forming around a window

Damp and Mould - You Report, We Resolve

Your safety is our top priority

We want all our customers to enjoy their homes and to feel happy and safe in the knowledge that we are putting their health and wellbeing first.

As your landlord, we take the problem of damp and mould very seriously and if your home is affected, we are here to help, and your proactive involvement is key.

Updated: 12 December 2023

If you have damp or mould, it is extremely important to find out why you have excess moisture in your home. The causes can be a range of things, including condensation or wider issues. This page covers tips for tackling slight mould yourself and what to do if the problem gets worse. 

If you do report damp and mould to us, we might ask you for some additional information to arrange for someone to survey your home – this is to help us diagnose what is causing it. We will then work with you on the best way of addressing the issue.

What is slight mould?

Condensation is the most common cause of slight mould and during the colder months, your home is more at risk of being affected. Condensation happens when moisture in the air meets a cold surface, like a window or an external wall.

Normal everyday activities like cooking and washing can lead to slight mould. It is most likely to occur in colder weather.

The areas most affected are in bathrooms and kitchens and around windows, like the examples shown.

Dealing with slight damp/mould?

You can treat minor areas with a mould and mildew treatment, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can buy these in most supermarkets and DIY shops.

Top tips to prevent condensation-related slight mould (minor areas)

There are several things you can do to reduce the amount of condensation in the home:

  • open windows regularly
  • cover pans when you are cooking
  • dry clothes outdoors or in a dryer if possible
  • use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • leave a gap between furniture and external walls
  • wipe condensation from windowsills each morning
  • close internal doors when you are cooking or showering
  • if you have them, do not cover or block trickle ventilation or air bricks within your home.

Energy Bills Help
Condensation is often worse in cold properties. If you are worried about your home heating bills, you can contact the Energy Team at Torus Foundation for specialist advice. Call 0300 123 5809 or email You can find out more about getting help with bills here.

More help and support

If you are unable to reduce the slight mould using the treatment recommended it is extremely important to find out why you have excess moisture in your home. We urge anyone residing in any of our properties to REPORT issues of mould or damp to us immediately. Once we know what is causing the issue, we can RESOLVE it.

The quickest and easiest way to report an issue to us is online. Sign up for online services here to report, track your bookings 24/7.

You can also report issues to us via the Torus Customer Hub:

 When YOU REPORT issues of damp and/or mould to us this is the process WE will undertake to help RESOLVE the issue:

  • We WILL check for any un-diagnosed leaks
  • We WILL consider whether there is an issue with the fabric of the property that is causing the damp and mould issues
  • We WILL determine whether there is a sufficient means of ventilation in the property and, if not, take steps to create appropriate arrangements
  • If no resolution has been identified through this process, then a discussion with yourself will be undertaken to agree what support can be provided will be the last step
  • Throughout this process we will keep in touch with YOU until YOU tell us that you are satisfied, and that the problem has been completely RESOLVED.

If you have previously reported problems of damp and mould, but we have not resolved the issue to your satisfaction, please contact our customer services team (details above) and ask for your case to be reviewed. We will treat your enquiry as urgent and do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as we can.

More information regarding our approach can be found in our updated Damp and Mould Policy

Find out more about Disrepair here

Allowing access for appointments!

If you report damp and mould to us, we will conduct a visit to your property within ten working days. This may also result in further visits to conduct works such as anti-fungal washes, which kills and inhibits mould growth. The available dates and times of these appointments will be discussed with you, if an appointment is booked you must be home and allow access for your appointment.

Not going to be in for your appointment? Let us know

It is very important that you let us know if your appointment isn’t convenient, and we will work with you to rebook for a time that suits you better. This can be done by contacting the Torus Customer Hub, details below.

Your cooperation in allowing access is important and is a condition of your tenancy agreement. 

We will do our best to work with you if there are special circumstances which may affect access to your home and provide support where appropriate.