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Torus Group Policies

Anti-Bribery Policy (pdf)
Income Collection and Recovery Policy (pdf)
Anti-Fraud Policy (pdf)
Lifting Equipment Safety Policy (pdf)
Anti-Money Laundering Policy (pdf)
Liverpool Allocations Policies (link)
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (pdf)
Neighbourhoods Policy (pdf)
Asbestos Safety Policy (pdf) Rechargeable Repairs Policy (pdf)
Complaint Policy (pdf)
Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy (pdf)
Data Protection Policy (pdf)
Responsive Repairs & Maintenance Policy (pdf)
Damp and Mould Policy (pdf)
Safeguarding Adults Policy (pdf)
Discretionary Compensation Policy (pdf)
Safeguarding Children Policy (pdf)
Domestic Abuse Policy (pdf) Shareholding Membership Policy (pdf)
Electrical Safety Policy (pdf)
St Helens Allocations Policies (link)
Empty Homes Maintenance Policy (pdf)
Tenancy Policy (pdf)
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy (pdf) Torus Competition Rules (pdf)
Excessive Use and Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (pdf)
Torus Supply Chain Code of Conduct (pdf)
Fire Safety Policy (pdf)
Unacceptable Service User Policy (pdf)
Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety Policy (pdf)
Warrington Allocations Policies (link)
Grounds and Tree Maintenance Policy (pdf)
Water Safety Policy (pdf)

Torus Group Strategies

Environmental Sustainability Strategy (pdf)
Tenant Voice Strategy (pdf)
Safeguarding Strategy (pdf)