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Domestic Abuse Support - St Helens

Your local support service - Safe2Speak

The Domestic Abuse Service in St Helens are delivered by Torus Support Network, offering support to any resident of St Helens who is a victim of domestic abuse, whatever their living situation.

You don’t have to be a Torus tenant to get help from Safe2Speak

The service is free, confidential, supportive, informative, non-judgmental and available to anyone experiencing domestic abuse of any kind: sexual, physical, emotional or financial.

No matter the situation, if you feel at risk from a partner or family member in the home, Safe2Speak are still here to help.

  • Safe2Speak IDVA & Outreach service are contactable on 01744 743200 each day 9am – 5pm.
  • Their 24-hour helpline is 01925 220541.

If it is not safe to call, please click here for information on accessing support online.

If you are seeking support, call our domestic abuse services on 01744 743200.  Find out more on our Safe2Speak website.

Text to access support for Domestic Abuse

If you are not able to call the Safe2Speak helpline, for whatever reason – whether you are deaf, or it is just not safe to do so – then you can now text: 07781472828

You will receive an automated response, which you may wish to delete for your own safety: Your concern has been logged and is being processed.

Your text will be picked up Monday to Friday 9-5pm and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours – we can respond by text, phone or email, whatever is the safest for you, so make sure you include the relevant information in your text.

In an emergency, always dial 999 - if you are unable to speak always press '55' when prompted to confirm an emergency.

Find out more about ‘Make yourself heard’ - what to do if you need urgent police help through the 999 service, but can’t speak, here (pdf).

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For further help and support

Victim Care Merseyside

Victim Care Merseyside is a care and support service provided by Merseyside Police which puts victims at the centre of the region’s police service and criminal justice system.

The service is designed to give victims the best possible help to cope and recover from the aftereffects of crime and ensure victims get enhanced support from the first moment they report a crime to Merseyside Police right through to greater emotional support and increased counselling and therapeutic services.

Victim Care Merseyside

In an emergency, always dial 999 - if you are unable to speak always press '55' when prompted to confirm an emergency.

National and specialist domestic abuse support

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