Having your Tenant Voice heard from France

July 20th 2021

Even being out of the country doesn’t mean you have to miss out on giving your views, getting involved and helping shape Torus services!

Scrutiny Group member and long-term involved tenant, Angela from Warrington has been joining other Tenant Voice volunteers all the way from France.

From her daughters, Angela has continued her involvement, attending a ‘Meet the Regulator’ session virtually and used the Torus Talk Facebook group to share ideas.

Angela, said:

“As the Tenant Voice team have strengthened the digital options during this peculiar time I am happy to keep my involvement going no matter where I am.

 “It just shows that you can continue your digital  involvement work any time any place anywhere.”

We understand that not everyone has the right equipment or skills to volunteer their time virtually, so Torus Foundation has been commissioned by Tenant Voice to provide help to customers who would like to let involved to improve their digital skills and access equipment.

Service Lead, Tenant Voice, Janine Greenall, added:

 “All customers have the right to have their voice heard and influence the way the services they receive are delivered.

 “The pandemic has encouraged us all to become more digital and we fast-tracked Tenant Voice’s plans for more virtual tenant involvement.

 “This doesn’t mean we have moved away from traditional, in person activity. That remains just as important and with restrictions eased, we are now looking to increase our face-to-face meetings, tenant inspections and consultations. 

“It’s just about giving tenants and residents the opportunity to give their views in a way that suits them, whether it be formal or informal, in a meeting room or from the comfort of their own home or even from another country.”

If you would like to join our team of Tenant Voice volunteers who give their time to help improve our services, please visit our website or contact the team by emailing or calling 0800 678 1894.

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