Together with tenants again – celebrating Tenant Voice

October 12th 2021

To mark the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, 30 involved Torus Tenant Voice volunteers came together with Torus teams, managers – and a special celebrity guest – to celebrate tenant engagement and Tenant Voice.  The event was an opportunity to update involved customers on Torus, the delivery of future plans to and to give their feedback directly.

Torus tenants and employees were invited to Melwood, Liverpool Football Club’s former training ground.  Torus, who took ownership of the legendary Melwood in August 2019, now has ambitious plans to develop a mixed-use housing scheme, delivering affordable, sustainable, multi-generational living and enduring community connections.

Involved customers had a chance to spend time with other tenants and find out more about the different way’s tenants are involved across the Torus Group, hearing directly from them on their experience with Tenant Voice, their volunteering experience and why it is important for tenants to get involved and share their views.

Delegates also met with Torus Teams and Managers to learn more about the services they deliver, how they were impacted by Covid and what is being done to recover. Attendees were also encouraged to give their views on the recovery and what can be done to improve services.

Torus Chief Operating Officer, Cath Murray-Howard, said:

“With Covid restrictions finally lifting it was wonderful to be able to get our involved tenants together and speak to them face-to-face and listen to their views.

“It was an exciting event and it was fantastic how engaged all the Tenant Voice volunteers were, working as a team, with the single goal of improving services for all tenants, no matter where they lived or which ‘legacy’ organisation they came from.

“We received some really constructive feedback on how to improve services and we are looking forward to investigating the suggestions made.”

Delegates also gave views to develop the Tenant Voice Strategy, helping to shape the aims, objectives and methods of engagement.  Whilst enjoying a lunch and tour of the facility.

Delegate and Landlord Operations Committee (LOC) member, Ray from Liverpool, added:

“It was real pleasure to finally meet other residents from the 3 heartlands.  The standard of questions in the Q & A session was first class. I am really impressed by the enthusiasm and interest shown, I would also like to thank Torus for the seamless organisation and hard work which went into organising this event.”

Speaking about how Covid has impacted tenant engagement, Janine Greenall, Service Lead, Tenant Voice, said:

“Covid meant we had to stop face-to-face engagement with customers and it’s been great to finally be able to safely resume meetings and it’s been great to finally be in a room together for the first time in over 18 months.

“The pandemic encouraged us all to become more digital and we fast-tracked Tenant Voice’s plans for more virtual tenant involvement.  But this never meant we were moving away from traditional, in person activity.

“Events like this show our commitment to giving tenants and residents the opportunity to give their views in a way that suits them, whether it be formal or informal, in a meeting room or from the comfort of their own home.”

The attendees were also treated to a visit from Liverpool FC legend, Robbie Fowler, who spoke about opportunities for young people at The Fowler-Carragher Academy, the brainchild of Robbie Fowler and fellow LFC icon, Jamie Carragher, which will take will take on operational responsibility for the existing Melwood building, which will host a college unlocking a range of brand-new training and educational opportunities for youngsters across the Liverpool City Region.

The partnership also includes swim! and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics – each with a focus on engaging children in activity at grassroots level and led by GB Olympians Steve Parry and Beth Tweddle MBE respectively – will launch a sporting hub from the facility. Offering both swimming and gymnastics programmes, the hub will give local children aged 0+ the opportunity to try a new sport, make new friends and have fun.

Speaking about the event, Torus Chief Executive, Steve Coffey, said:

“It was fabulous to spend a day with the Torus Tenant Voice volunteers and to hear the experience of the involved tenants.  The tenants I spoke to loved the event and we look forward to doing more in the future.

“We are truly grateful for all the efforts of our involved customers, who engage and support Tenant Voice and give their time to give their views on the decisions we make and shape services we deliver.

“At Torus we are committed to giving our tenants greater involvement and influence over our services and activities and I really would encourage Torus customers to get involved in Tenant Voice at a level that suits them.”

 Giving feedback on the event, Tenant Inspectors, John from Liverpool and Barbara from Warrington said: 

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic afternoon which was really enjoyed and had the opportunity to get all the information needed it was really great and appreciated what all Torus do for tenants.”

With Barbara, adding:

“I have had a brilliant day, learning so much and putting names to faces.  Thanks so much. 

Use your Tenant Voice – Get Involved

If you would like to join our team of Tenant Voice volunteers who give their time to help improve our services, please visit our website or contact the team by emailing or calling 0800 678 1894.  Keep updated on current consultations and opportunities here.