Keeping our communities safe for Bonfire Night

October 26th 2020

Torus believes that everyone has a right to live in peace, free from disturbance and nuisance, which is why Torus is committed to ensuring that nobody feels dread this Bonfire Night and Halloween.

Each year Torus works with partners across our three heartlands to combat illegal bonfires, tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) and promote celebrating safely ahead of Bonfire Night.

Despite the pandemic, this year is no different and see’s the Torus Safer Estates and Neighbourhood Teams work closely with other agencies to try and make sure that everyone stays safe.

David Prew, Torus Service Lead Safer Estates, said; 

“With all the organised bonfires and firework displays now cancelled we, along with our partners in the Police, Fire Service, Local Authority and other Housing Associations, are even more concerned about the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions and the increase of backyard celebrations, illegal bonfires and gatherings on communal areas. 

“Our teams are working with local partners in each of our three heartlands of Warrington, St Helens and Liverpool to tackle these issues head on and out on the streets.”

One of the key activities on our estates is encouraging tenants and residents to dispose of their unwanted rubbish, before it can be used for a fire, or just set alight.

Our Warrington Neighbourhood Team are part of Operation Treacle, with Cheshire Police, Neighbourhood Manager, Ann-Marie Robertson, commented;

“We want to provide positive support to local communities who historically suffer with increased ASB activity during this time of year. 

“Working with partners, our aim is to distract people way from building unauthorised bonfires.  The Torus Assets Team have installed large shipping containers in ‘hot-spots’ in spaces previously used for illegal fires, which will hopefully act as a deterrent to the building of a bonfire and to act as a reminder to residents not to dispose of any unwanted items that can be used for fire setting and to use the proper methods of disposal, by using recycling centres across Warrington. 

We are also keen to educate people on the dangers of illegal fires and how their behaviour can impact the lives of other people in their community, so as part of Operation Treacle my team is out with the local Police offering advice and support and we intend to increase these visits over the Bonfire period.”

In St Helens the Neighbourhood Team are supporting Operation Good Guy with the Safer St Helens Team and the Liverpool Neighbourhood Team are part of Operation Banger, a joint initiative with Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire Rescue Service and Liverpool City Council looking to combat anti-social behaviour during this period.

Torus will be working closely with our partners to prevent ASB and using our experience from previous years to concentrate resources in target areas which have been identified as areas of concern. With several skips are being placed in key locations, for the residents to use in the week leading up to Bonfire Night.

As well as advising on wheelie-bin safety, the dangers of hoarding and the importance to of reporting fly-tipping and wood being piled up for burning.

David added;

“It’s more than removing rubbish, it’s about making sure that people understand and respect each other. Not everyone enjoys Halloween and Bonfire Night, it makes some people, especially those who are older or vulnerable, feel frightened.  

“With the added pressure of Covid-19 and the restrictions, we just want people to respect each other and be tolerant.”

For a safe community we rely on the people living in our communities to report incidents of ASB and Criminality, such as fly-tipping. You can find out more about the rules this year with Covid-19, support available, who you can report issues to and much more on our landlord websites: