Giving Torus customers a stronger voice together

July 12th 2017

Helena and GGHT’s new Community Consultative Forum (CCF) launched their first planning session with the promise that Torus customers will have a “stronger voice together”.

Reporting directly into the Board, Torus Talk, which includes the CCF and a Facebook group, gives tenants as well as leaseholders of the housing group the opportunity to have their say.

Joanne McMahon, Customer Involvement Co-Ordinator said: “As an organisation we value and encourage contributions from all our customers. Through Torus Talk, whether you live in St Helens or Warrington, you can now share your views with us digitally or in person.”

Through surveys and online discussions, as well as meetings held at least four times a year, customers can play a substantial role in influencing, challenging and decision making.

Over the next year members will be consulted on improving policies and procedures, scrutinizing services and savings, as well as setting targets and performance indicators.

Chair of the CCF, Lynda Johnson, said: “Torus Talk is a great opportunity for tenants and leaseholders and by working together it gives us a much stronger voice.

Both landlords and customers of social housing providers are facing many new challenges, and the formation of this forum and Facebook group is about helping us to meet them head on.”

So if you’re an enthusiastic tenant or leaseholder that wants to help us improve what we do and how we do it email

Alternatively, join Torus Talk today at

Find out more about how you can get involved: