Crucial Crew event to help Warrington’s young people stay safe

July 5th 2019

The Torus Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) team have been helping Warrington’s young people stay safe by taking part in The ‘Crucial Crew’ event, coordinated by Child Safety Media in partnership with Cheshire Police.

The Crucial Crew event aimed to raise children’s’ awareness of threats and dangers, by encouraging learning with fun interactive presentations, practical demonstrations and fun. It also provides children with skills that will help them to keep themselves and others safe.

Children were taught about personal safety, crime prevention, road safety, rail safety, water safety, drug & alcohol awareness, anti-social behaviour and protecting personal property.

David Prew, Torus ASB Manger, said; “Torus were keen to be part of the event as we wanted to discuss anti-social behaviour on our estates and building site safety.

We want to try and deter young people from behaving anti-socially and covered what ASB is and how their actions can negatively impact other people in their community.

We also wanted to make sure that they understood about the dangers of playing on our building sites, which is especially important as we approach the summer holidays.”

The Crucial Crew looks to engage children at this age, as they are starting to become more independent and are often expected to cope increasingly on their own and deal with changes in their lives, such as a move to Secondary School.

Over the two weeks, almost 1,000 young people, aged 10 to 11 years old from across Warrington were given important safety advice and lessons from a wide range of safety agencies including Cheshire Police, British Transport Police, Stagecoach, St John Ambulance, R.N.L.I and Torus.