Coronavirus – Torus services and keeping you safe

March 11th 2020

Updated: 8 January 2021

Putting our customers first  – Torus services update

As you’re probably aware, the UK has entered another lockdown and the message from Government is to stay safe and stay at home.

The good news is that many of our services are considered critical by Government so will continue to operate. This means we’ll still be completing all gas servicing, responding to repairs, letting homes and building new homes.

Another lockdown presents huge challenges for our customers and, as we have tried to do this year, we will do our best to adapt the way we do things to keep providing services. No matter what, they will be able to rely on Torus to support them however we can.

We are experiencing an increased demand for the most critical services, made worse by higher than normal levels of sickness.

We will do our best to respond to all repairs and deliver a great customer service, but the circumstances we’re operating in are far from normal. Certain materials are in short supply, demand for repairs is high, we have reduced numbers because of sickness and we’re striving to keep people safe.

For these reasons, we’re keen to prioritise the most urgent repairs. This includes emergency repairs, repairs for older and vulnerable people and the important and legal checks, such as gas servicing and electrical checks, which keep you, your home and your family safe.

Throughout the pandemic our tenants have been so patient, we thank them for that, and ask that they bear with us now as we try to manage the services.

For the past 10 months, we have made your health and safety our number one priority and that won’t stop.

You can get up-to date services information on our landlord websites:

With more updates and information on our dedicated websites:

You can also keep up to date with news from Torus via our Twitter account @WeAreTorus.

Please be reassured that the safety of our tenants, residents, staff and contractors remains our top priority.