New Housing Coordinator for Contact Cares, St Helens

October 6th 2021

Torus works closely with Contact Cares, the single point of access for all social care and adult health referrals in St Helens.

To strengthen the relationship and to help support St Helens residents with housing-related advice, we have appointed a new Housing Coordinator, Lucinda (Lucy) Clarke, to work within Contact Cares.

Charlotte Stenhouse, Operations Manager Supported Housing and Domestic Abuse (Torus Support Network), said:

“Having a housing representative in Contact Cares is a real positive for residents and partners across St Helens to ensure they receive the correct support, from the correct agency at the first contact.

“Lucy will be able to offer suitable solutions, including considering options available for re-housing and providing housing-related advice and guidance, which will hopefully reduce delayed transfer of care for the individual and reduce the risk of readmission to hospital.

“The benefits of multi-agency working provides a holistic approach, with an increased understanding between agencies and joint problem solving to improve outcomes for residents.

“Any referrals to Contact Cares for adults with housing related issues can be addressed by the Housing Coordinator and dealt with in a timely manner.

“Specialist support can be much more easily accessed through a multi-agency framework; this reduces duplication and allows for greater efficiency of resources.”

Contact Cares is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of social care staff, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and general nursing, who coordinate and carry out assessments from referral requests. The assessment will determine the most appropriate services to meet the presenting need and activate services.

Lucy, who will be based between Contact Cares at Nightingale House and Torus Central, will offer support and guidance to St Helens residents, not just Torus tenants, including advice about services provided by Torus, other Registered Social Landlords, the private sector, Local Authority, Third Sector and Voluntary Sector organisations.