Improving and aligning services: Repairs and Online Portal update

September 29th 2021

As part of our ongoing effort to improve, align and streamline services for all Torus tenants, this month sees two new milestones for Torus, as we align our repairs service and move to a single online self-service customer portal.  

From Thursday 29 September Torus tenants, no matter where they live will all receive the same repairs service and customers with online accounts will access their account by a newly upgraded single portal. 

Since Torus joined forces with Liverpool Mutual Homes in 2019, we have been operating two different service standards for repairs for LMH and Torus tenants and customers with online accounts access those through two different systems.  

But after considerable hard work, development, consultation and testing the new single portal has now gone live along with the rollout of the updated and customer approved Torus Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Policy.  

Aligned repairs: 

The new repairs policy was developed following consultation with tenants, an online survey received 36 responses, with tenants giving feedback on the options to report a repair, the operating hours, how repairs are prioritised and how easy the policy was to understand and if Torus and tenant’s responsibilities were clear.  Five tenants were also involved in a virtual session to review the proposals.   

Following the consultation, the policy was approved by the Landlord Operations Committee (LOC), which comprises seven tenant volunteers, working alongside the Board, who focus on customer service standards and performance.  The Torus Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Policy’ sets out the repairs service to all Torus tenants, covering response times, operating hours, responsibilities of the tenant and repairs definitions of what is considered an Emergency, Arrangement (Priority or Routine) and Programmed (Major). 

The rollout of the new policy had been delayed due to the impact of Covid-19. 

Margaret Goddard, Group Head of Asset Delivery, commented: 

 “Torus is committed to keeping its properties in a good condition, ensuring they are safe, warm, energy-efficient and secure.

“We understand that our tenants consider the delivery of an excellent repairs service to be very important to them.  As such Torus aims to provide a quality service, on time and with the highest standards of customer care.

“To achieve this, we must ensure that we are flexible, consider the impact on individuals and monitoring that the repairs service represents value for money across all heartlands.

“Our tenants are changing, as their expectations and our repairs service must meet the challenge and develop to meet these changing needs.

“The purpose of the new policy is to ensure that Torus provides an efficient and consistent responsive repairs service for all heartlands for all our tenants.”

As a responsible landlord, we also need to ensure that we anticipate and respond to that vulnerability to support the tenant to maintain their tenancy successfully.  The new policy also takes into account vulnerable tenants and how that may impact response times.  

Margaret added;  

“We have a diverse range of tenants, some of which have specific needs which may influence response times to specific repairs.  I want to reassure tenants that our staff take these range factors into account when booking repairs.”

Involved, Liverpool tenant and Tenant Inspector, John Farrell said:  

“By involving tenants in decisions, such as this, show that Torus are responsible landlords and area listening to tenants needs.”

Involved, Warrington tenant and Scrutiny Panel member, Angela Terrill added:  

“Even over the last year, with consultation moving online due to Covid restrictions, Torus Tenant Voice and consulting tenants on decisions has remained a priority for Torus.  The support and information received has been tremendous.  I am fortunate to be part of the team.”

 To make continuous improvements and improve customer satisfaction, the new policy will be reviewed quarterly with the Scrutiny Group, to look at what is working, not working and what can be improved. 

 Single Online Portal: 

Apart from working better, tenants in Warrington and St Helens will notice little change to the look of their portal, but those in Liverpool will notice that the portal looks different.    

Customers with existing accounts will still be able to log in with their existing details and those wishing to set up accounts can do so using their Tenancy Reference number, date of birth and an email address.  

The new portal is accessible from or the landlord websites and will still offer the same functions, allowing customers to book and manage repairs, update their details, check their rent account, get in touch, set up a direct debit and make a rent payment.  

The refreshed single portal is the first step in aligning our online offer, with the next phase looking at the websites and social media.  

Margaret, said:  

“The alignment of our online services is part of a larger programme to transform services for our customers, to improve and streamline services for everyone, no matter where they live.

“We hope that customers will find the updated and refreshed portal easy to use, but we will be here from them to help them if they are struggling, including providing support to get online through our charitable arm, Torus Foundation.”

Tenants were at the heart of decisions, if you are interested in getting involved with Torus and making a difference by having your say on improving services, please contact the Tenant Voice team on 0800 678 1894 or email     

Tenants needing to report a repair you can contact the Torus Customer Hub on 0800 678 1894 (Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm), email their online account 24/7 and report emergency repairs only to our out of hours service on 0800 678 1894. 

 Find out more about the changes on the landlord websites: