£21,000 in additional funding to support for victims of domestic abuse

December 1st 2020

This week Safe2Speak, Torus Support Network’s Domestic Abuse Support Service, have secured an additional £21,000 in funding from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), following a successful bid from St Helens Council.

The £21,000 is in addition to the £38,000 received from the MOJ back in July and will help to increase staff resources to meet the increased demand caused by the impact of Coronavirus.

Throughout the pandemic, reports of Domestic abuse have continued to rise, and additional support has been needed to help with our Domestic Abuse services in St Helens. The Safe2Speak service, which is commissioned by St Helens Council, provides a critical support for families, women, children and men, it has remained fully operational throughout lockdown, receiving 513 high-risk referrals and 498 medium-risk referrals since the start of lockdown in March 2020.

Safe2Speak also provides emergency accommodation for those needing to flee and support and advice to all victims of domestic abuse in the St Helens area, not just Torus tenants.

Throughout the crisis, Torus has been keeping customers across our three heartlands informed on where they can access help and support if they are a victim or suspect someone is a victim of domestic abuse.

You can find out more about Safe2Speak here.

You can find out more information on our dedicated website(s) for each heartland: