Torus Communities

Strong Communities

We are committed to unlocking the potential that exists across communities and empowering the people who live in them.

Measuring value by results not profit

As a leading provider of homes in Warrington, St Helens and Liverpool, we want to ensure that the people who live in our communities have access to the best life chances and opportunities.

But thriving communities don’t happen by chance. They’re the work of an approach to regeneration that is flexible, responsive, accountable and effective. A coordinated approach that doesn’t merely address environmental issues but works on multiple levels to upskill residents, break down barriers and unlock lasting potential for wider economic stability.

This is the focus of the Torus Foundation, a social entrepreneur working at the heart of our communities.

Each year Torus has pledged to allocate a £5m social dividend to the Torus Foundation aimed at improving the wellbeing, skills and quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

By mobilising human and financial resources and combining these funds with those from other public, private and charitable funds, the Torus Foundation coordinates, oversees and underpins lasting change on multiple levels.

At a local level, projects range from skills and employment training to business start-ups and support, money advice services to health and wellbeing initiatives. On a wider scale, the Torus Foundation maximises resources to establish links with external employers and a broader employment market.

By blending self-help with hands-on support, the Torus Foundation is developing communities where people can live, learn and earn.

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