Torus Developments

We don’t just build homes, we develop thriving communities

There is no question that the North West has a shortage of genuinely affordable housing. This is something that Torus is well placed to address.

But we don’t subscribe to the ‘build and they will come’ mindset. We build the homes that are needed, exactly where they’re needed.

The deep roots that make us one of the North West’s largest registered providers mean we are committed to putting the needs of people living in our key geographic areas first by delivering a development programme that addresses those needs both now and in the future.

Between 2019 and 2024 we will build 5,300 homes for rent and future home ownership. These developments will create new communities and regenerate existing ones. They will support people onto or up the property ladder and boost economic growth and stability.

By expanding our portfolio, we open the door to real and affordable choices for more people from a first home to growing families to older people and those seeking independent living with additional support.

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