Our Performance

Annual Report and Financial Statement

Our annual reports and financial statements provide an open and transparent view of what we’ve achieved over the past financial year.

They give an indication of the challenges we’ve faced, how we’ve responded to them, whether we’re meeting our corporate objectives and how we’re delivering value for money.

Here are the 2017/18 annual reports from the organisations that have come together to create Torus:

Financial Statements

Our main source of income comes from the rent our customers pay us and we are accountable for how we spend it. For us, Value for Money (VFM) is all about making the most of our income and getting the best possible outcomes from it.

By managing our money efficiently and effectively, we are able to provide homes and services at a reasonable cost and develop more new homes to meet local housing need.

In April 2018, the Regulator of Social Housing revised their Value for Money Standard meaning we are no longer required to complete a VFM self-assessment or statement. Instead we are required to report on a suite of metrics defined by the regulator. How we performed against these metrics can be found within our Financial Statements.

Gender Pay Gap Report:

The gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap data annually.

Liverpool Mutual Homes, Golden Gates Housing Trust and Helena Partnerships came together on 1st January 2019 as part of Torus.

The Gender Pay Gap reports are available to download below.