Homes of the Future; at the Heart of the Nation’s Recovery

September 2nd 2020

As a Group, Torus is committed to bolstering the availability of truly affordable housing options in the North West and works with local and national strategic partners, such as Homes England, to build safe, modern and most importantly affordable homes which contribute positively to people’s lives without overstretching them financially.

A supporter of the National Housing Federation’s latest campaign, Homes at the Heart, Torus understands the important role affordable housing will play in the regeneration of its heartlands and beyond.

Dedicated to building 5,300 new homes in the region by 2024, Torus has pledged 85% of those will be affordable. Discussing the vital impetus to ‘build, build, build’ more affordable homes, we caught up with Managing Director of Torus Developments, Chris Bowen, to understand how the Group will actively contribute to the transformation and growth of the North West following lockdown.

“As a Group, we have always focused on increasing access to affordable homes across the North West and this drive to build great homes is central to how we operate.

“We have a number of landmark developments in the pipeline which will see us invest over £1 billion into the building of affordable homes across the Liverpool City Region and beyond in Lancashire, Wirral and Cheshire. 4,500 Torus homes built in the coming years will be affordable and accessible through schemes such as Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy ensuring people who live and work in our communities’ can move onto or along the property ladder.

“We believe that affordable housing shouldn’t compromise on quality, location or facilities and I for one, am truly excited by some of the schemes we have in the pipeline – all of which will incorporate affordable homes,”

Building across the Liverpool City Region and the wider North West, over the coming years, the Group will redevelop iconic sites such as Liverpool Football Club’s former training ground, Melwood, in West Derby, Allerton Fire and Police Station – a site made famous in The Beatles song, Penny Lane – and Fence House on the former site of The King’s School in Macclesfield.

Working to repurpose these historic sites for the needs of future residents, Torus also has a number of schemes planned to develop brownfield sites such as creating residential and commercial space on Lightbody Street – situated on Liverpool’s historic dockside – building 87 affordable homes on Plank Lane in Leigh and 150 apartments on St James Street in Liverpool’s thriving Baltic Triangle.

“COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of having somewhere safe and comfortable to call home and demonstrated the multifaceted way we, as residents, use our homes.

“Homes need to be places which actively promote and contribute to our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, which are places we can relax, socialise, exercise and work in without compromising on quality of life.

“Since lockdown, Torus Developments has actively worked to incorporate these findings into our future builds and will be looking to incorporate more greenspace, natural light and multi-use living space into our designs for affordable homes.”

With homes being central to people’s lives on an individual and community basis, Torus Developments is working with regional partners to ensure homes are central to the region and ultimately nation’s recovery post-Coronavirus.

Continuing, Chris said:

“As a responsible developer, we are committed to following the Government’s directive to ‘build, build, build’ and contribute to getting the economy moving again.

“We have worked closely with Homes England to unlock land across the region and will build homes as and where they’re needed. This will see us extend into areas outside of our traditional heartlands of Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington and work with local partners to build affordable homes that will suit the current and future needs of homeowners in the North West, affordably.

“Working to complete activity on live sites and commence works on a number of projects across the region, we believe homes are truly at the heart of the recovery of the North West and Torus Developments are proud to support the National Housing Federation’s campaign and increase awareness of how necessary affordable housing is to the country’s recovery post-lockdown.”