Money Matters – Helping people on the poverty line

August 7th 2020

Not only has coronavirus been a health crisis, but it has also created a huge financial crisis. Many people, including a large proportion of our customers, have been pushed into extreme poverty after a loss of work hours, jobs and business.

From the start of lockdown, our Income Teams have been providing customers who have been struggling financially due to the impact of the Coronavirus with support, advice and guidance to make sure they are continuing to pay their rent, without being deprived of life’s basics during the crisis.

In the first two months alone, over 1,000 calls and 15,000 texts were made to our customers, regardless of their rent balance, to make sure nobody fell through the cracks.

Our teams are working extremely hard and are managing to support customers and deal with constant, difficult calls with professionalism and empathy.

These conversations are not easy, but the feedback from customers showing what a difference our teams are making is truly heart-warming.

When Jack’s* wife suddenly passed away, he was struggling to cope, both financially and emotionally. Our Tenancy Sustain Officer, Helen, managed to save Jack* a phenomenal £11,400 better off a year.

Helen’s support went beyond just financial and soon Jack was being supported through shielding, applying for a blue badge and was signposted to services for people recently bereaved and much more.

Jack said:
“I feel so much better, I don’t cry as often.  Helen is a gem and a lifesaver, and I could not thank her enough.”