£3.6 million in financial gains for our tenants

August 7th 2020

Over the last financial year, the Torus Support Network Teams have ensured that our tenants received £3.6 million in benefits they were entitled to.

“Stacy helped me tremendously, I don’t what I would have done without her support.  I am now looking forward to the future, as Stacy has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.”

The Complex Needs Team, Older Peoples Services and the Financial Team all work hard to support our tenants to ensure they maximise their income, so they are not just able to maintain their tenancy, but that people can have an improved standard of living, with extra funds for fuel, food, transport and activities to prevent social isolation, which in turn reduces social exclusion.

“I feel so much better, I don’t cry as often.  Helen is a gem and a lifesaver, and I could not thank her enough.”

It’s not just about the money. Support Network clients also report experiencing improvements in their mental health and wellbeing after receiving assistance from the teams. This has been especially true during the Covid-19 crisis, as with lots of people struggling financially due to the crisis, with the teams working extremely hard and supporting customers with professionalism and empathy.

“The information from Torus and Jason’s advice has truly changed my life!”

These financial awards have been across a range of applications, including PIP, UC, DHP’s and Housing Benefit, which has helped reduce rent arrears.

Gill Healey, Managing Director Housing said:

I am so proud of the work our teams have done, both pre-Covid and since the start of the crisis, to support our vulnerable tenants both to improve their financial situation and improve their health and wellbeing.

The work our teams does truly make a difference both to the lives of our vulnerable tenants, and also to the business regarding reducing our rent arrears.